Friday, September 25, 2009

Join a Breadline for the Unemployed, Underemployed
and Low-Wage Workers of
Great City of New York!

In these tough economic times, we will revisit the breadline as a tool for subsidizing low wage employment that pervades our service economy.

Our Human Resource Department will be available to help you access your benefit of a free peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Rev. Billy and the Church of Life after Shopping will also be present to bless the line and those souls who need a raise or employment.

For those who like to give back a little, call 347-256-4429 or email to find out how you can volunteer at the breadline.

After you get your bread, you can join the party at the Art in Odd Places Festival opening at TheaterLab 137 14th Street btw 6th & 7th Aves

PB&J for a Retail Economy is produced by Alicia Canary, Martin Munoz and Leah Danger. This performance piece is a part of Retailing 14th Street, a collaboration of the Common Threads Art Collective and artist Stephanie Rothenberg with the support of the Retail Action Project.

Retailing 14th Street intends to bring awareness to the experiences of 14th Street retail workers during the run of the Art In Odd Places Festival in October.

Check out for the calendar of more Retailing 14th Street public interventions.

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