Friday, October 16, 2009

"Project Retailing" Saturday October, 17th 5-7pm

“Project Retailing”
Saturday, October 17th 5-7pm
Opening @ Scoop NYC West Village, corner of 14th Street & Washington St

"Retailing 14th Street" continues....
"Project Retailing" is an innovative video project whereby retail workers' testimonials are projecting in front of retail stores. Saturday, October 17th will feature Scoop NYC workers telling their stories about working at the high-end Scoop NYC store where we will be gathered.

Former workers of Scoop NYC sued the company this summer for document abuse, citizenship status discrimination and unpaid overtime. Support Scoop NYC workers and come see “Project Retailing” Saturday, October 17th.

Subversive coupons and the Retail Workers Survival Guide will be distributed to all in attendance. You can also view "Dis-Posing," a sculptural installation of re-claimed mannequins striking a new pose.

If you can't attend the opening screening of "Project Retailing" on Saturday, Oct. 17th, check out these other clandestine video projections:

Mon, October 19th: 5-8pm @ University Pl./Broadway
Tues, October 20th: 5-8pm @ 14th Street/ University & 5th Ave
Sat, October 24th: 5-8pm @ University Pl./Broadway

Photos by Bobby Lopez, Coupon by Leah Danger

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