Friday, October 16, 2009

Thank you for Your Visit, Have a Nice Day

Hello AIOP team, fellow artists, and followers…

It has been an exciting 2 weeks of performances and installations…

Inspired by a real situation, I’ve created another one…maybe even more realistic since it brings out very strong reactions. And I am not talking only about the police officers who brought my performers to the Union Square police station accusing them of scaring people in the army outfits. I am talking about people on the street, passerbys, who stop or not. They truly completed my work that is, after all, the mirror of the day to day life. I like the smiles, the anger, and the comments like “it is about endangered species”, “Oh! It’s about China”, “I don’t understand”, “It must be art”, and “What kind of demonstration is that?”…. I like all of them, as any comment assures me as an artist that I am on the right path and gives me the energy to accomplish this kind of public “action”.

I hope you can join me by finding us this and next Saturday, between 2-5pm along 14th and Union Square.

Here is a video of last Saturday's “action” created by Technology Artist:

buzi, buzi,
first 3 pix by See-ming Lee (, last two by Olek

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