Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unfixed/Unfixable Locations for October 10-11

Unfixed/Unfixable, my series of ephemeral text drawings in front of the transitional spaces of 14th street, returns the weekend of October 10-11. See site schedule below for more information.

Saturday, October 10th (all sites between 2nd Avenue and Broadway):

235 E 14th

202 E 14th (SE corner of 3rd Ave)

197 E 14th (SW corner of 3rd Ave)

117 E 14th (corner of Irving Place)

60-80 E 14th (former Circuit City/Virgin Site)

Sunday, October 11th (all sites between Broadway and 6th Avenue):

32 E 14th

22 E 14th

4-8 E 14th (SE corner of 5th Ave )

39 W 14th

43 W 14th

51 W 14th

56 W 14th

A couple images from Sunday's endeavors:

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