Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HLH - A Surprise Inspection

80 8th Ave lucked out Sunday afternoon and was the subject of a surprise inspection by HLH. Unsure of the buildings overall safety, hard hats were required, as well as walkie talkie communication at all times.
We separated and monitored the surrounding location, taking careful note of the building itself. Nothing was free from examination, even the phone booth on the corner.

We compared notes about the building construction, exits, and pedestrian traffic. We graded various elements strictly, according to city guidelines, but fairly.

Pigeons were a slight concern....they were irregularly gathering on the ledge above, as well as some funny looking vents. Further investigation is recommended.

An inspection certificate was obtained from our toolbox and eventually a passing grade was given. The certificate was posted for the building manager.

After our hard work, we had to take a mandatory lunch break according to union regulations. It was delicious.

Photos by Rob Coshow.

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