Saturday, October 17, 2009

Multiverse on 14th Starts at 6:30PM Tonight

Multiverse on 14th will run from 6:30-8:30PM tonight to avoid the rain.

Location: Fountain in the SW corner of Union Square Park (14th Street & University Place) Map

In the meantime, enjoy some poems and pictures from last night.

Oct. 17, 2009 @jerzefynestBG, @ercprc, @misstripentaxi
On my way to work
yearning for it
just overheard a cowboy ask a girl 'What kinda panties ya wearin'

Oct. 17, 2009 @itsMileyStewart, @jaxlawyer, @itsMassi
Running towards the sea and I have to chase after her
wondering why ESPN
just noticed its 2

Oct. 16, 2009 @ebonyshmebony, @danedane83, @crabbiekins
I want to be asleep again
without music
until I get the mysterious puke smell out

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