Saturday, October 17, 2009

Power Bike Parade rained out OCT 17, see us instead OCT 24!!

**SAT OCT 24 (our last ride!)
**6:30 - 7:30pm

Power Bike Parade won't be riding tonite, Sat Oct 17th due to garbage weather. So our next and last ride is SAT OCT 24, at 6:30pm along 14th street in Manhattan, starting at the Con Edison power plant on the east side & continuing back and forth for about an hour. Come join us on the ride if you have a bike, or if not, just come and see us/the rest of the festival!

Power Bike Parade is a bike-powered electronic orchestra that demonstrates the use of an alternative power source by converting the kinetic energy of pedaling a bike into electricity used to create a festival of electro-acoustic music and glittering LED lights. The two-rider parade takes this everyday act of riding a bicycle, and expands it into a visual and sonic spectacle, re-appropriating the act as a performance and a venue for expression.

The bikes are outfitted with contact microphones, speakers, and custom bike instruments to amplify the sounds the bike makes during a ride, while LED lights are mounted on the bikes to light our way, amplifying and transforming the bike ride itself into a performance.

Big thanks to Brooklyn Bike & Board for material & logistical support!

**We really need people to document, so if anyone could come out Sat Oct 24th and take some pictures or shoot some video, that would be SUPER helpful!!** contact us at:

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