Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Unfixed/Unfixable Rain Make-Up Day: Friday 23rd

After being rained out last weekend (or more accurately having placed to much faith in Saturday's forecast), Unfixed/Unfixable, my series of ephemeral text drawings in front of the transitional spaces of 14th street, has a make-up day on Friday, October 23.

See below for specific location information.

And don't forget this Saturday, October 24th, Heidi Neilson and I will present our collaboration project:


Colored chalk texts installed on the south sidewalk of 14th street will indicate the location of natural features from 1609 as described on Heidi's Art in Odd Places map project Urban Forest on 14th Street.

Printed maps will be available for self-guided tours (ask at Rags-A-Go-Go at 218 W 14th). Or download the map at

Friday, October 23rd (all sites between 8th and 10th Avenues):

320 W 14th
324 W 14th
343 W 14th
344 W 14th
345-349 W 14th
414 W 14th
446 W 14th

See you out there.

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