Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HLH - Monitor for Radiation

With the help of Boston Artist Tim Gregor, who developed a Hello Kitty Geiger counter, we started the monitoring process on the street at 10th Ave last Saturday afternoon. According to unclassified documents, uranium from the Manhattan project had been stored in the area so we set out to get a promising hit with the help of the cute scientific device.
First we needed to develop a plan...radiation could be anywhere, we discussed covering clockwise concentric circles from 10th and 14th, with attention to the recent highline park as early data was inconclusive.

We headed towards the Hudson, to develop a baseline reading and possibly work our way uptown towards suspect pier buildings on the water. If there was a place the project could have developed and contaminants stored it would definitely have been this area.

Jim Manning was recruited to document the process in order to have a chain of evidence in case an important discovery was in fact made.

More results, fairly low...reading less than one particle per million. Several spikes may have been due to normal variances in the device construction, or general anomalies.

Plant samples were taken to be analyzed offsite.

The high line was attempted to be monitored, but the park officials stationed there determined it wouldn't be necessary, and further permits would be needed to document the sample taking process. Eventually it was determined for public safety, however small the reading, the public should be warned of the possible contaminant in the area. Signs were posted and read by passersby.

Photos by Rob Coshow.

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