Monday, October 12, 2009

Free Money on 14th Street

Recent Money Actions along 14th Street:

$10 left on the L train.
$5 around a yellow pencil.
$5 among customs forms at the post office.
$1 under a wig.
$5 between boxes of cereal.
$1 beneath scaffolding.
$5 outside a nail salon.
$1 in a box of new high heels.
$1 in the branches of a tree.
$5 to someone asking for money.
$1 in a pair of Levi jeans.
$1 in a bank lobby.
$5 between the pages of a fashion magazine.
$20 at Gandhi's feet.

Free money appointments still available for next weekend.  Visit the Money Actions website for details & RSVP to info [at] moneyactions [dot] org

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