Saturday, October 8, 2011

How many times did the Gentleman of 14th Street Tip His Hat?

How many times will LuLu LoLo as the Gentleman of 14th Street tip his hat today from 1-3pm?
On Tuesday, October 4th the Gentleman tipped his hat and said,"Have a Good Day!" 537 times!
Looking forward to tipping my hat to you all today. LuLu

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gentleman of 14th Street

The Gentleman of 14th Street aka LuLu LoLo-- took a rest after tipping his hat and saying, "Have a Nice Day! " to 281 people walking on 14th Street on Saturday, October 1st

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HLH - Strike!

Saturday a strike was called in union square, signs were made for the two opposing sides. Jim Manning was the reporter on the scene.

Tension was in the air.

By law we were restricted to keep a certain distance away from each other and keep moving.

Even if we didn't agree on the issue, everyone is entitled to their own know freedom of speech and all.

We yelled at each other and the public. They had a right to know.

We eventually came to a compromise...we would never be able to agree.

The signs were abandoned but the public took up the cause! This was an important issue!

Things got ugly. Jim was almost caught in the crossfire.

Can't we just all get along?

Photos by Rob Coshow

Free Money Continues on 14th Street

Recent money actions on 14th Street.

$1 where you can get your fortune told.
$1 in frint of a new condo.
$1 by an empty storefront.
$1 under a safety cone.
$1 where there are wildflowers.
$5 where no none will find it.
$1 thown over a fence.
$1 down a manhole cover.
$1 on the highway median.
$1 through an open window.
$1 on the seat of a fancy chair.
$1 rolled in a round hole.
$1 next to something I want to buy.
$10 in with the mail.
$5 on a standpipe.
$1 in a metrocard dispenser.
$5 in a stack of newspapers.
$20 to a musician.
$1 in an elevator.
$10 in a bargain bin.
$10 where you can see the water.
$10 outside the union hall.
$10 with the sweaters.
$1 where the writers hang out.
$1 in the cold remedy aisle.
$5 down a subway grating.
$5 on a farmer's market table.
$10 in a stranger's bag.
$1 with the long stemmed roses.
$10 slid under the "x in "unisex."
$5 at the end of the road.
$1 wedged into a security gate.
$5 where a lucky cat waves.

Art in Odd Places is winding down, but money actions will continue along 14th Street throughout October and beyond.

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More information at

And some exciting news!  A Free Money book is coming, documenting the money actions on 14th Street that have been a part of Art in Odd Places.  The book will be released at the Editions/Artists Book Fair Nov 6-8 as part of Vendorbar.  There will also be a Free Money performance Saturday 11/7 at noon (NOTE: updated date/time).

Free Money & Money Actions are projects of Sal Randolph

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bokyung Jun's performance2-Life is Not Easy for Any of Us

New Photos of Full Service Island at the Chelsea Carwash

HLH - What Would Lester Bangs Do?

Who thought of this one?
Since Lester used to live in the area, just off 14th on University, we figured he must have always been thinking about the top albums of all time, so we'd see if anyone would be willing to share their opinion. Luckily we ran into Ed Schexnayder, another AiOP artist, just to get at least one result before we failed miserably at polling the public.

It rained miserably, and we bought an umbrella.

Who doesn't love to be approached on the street with clipboards, asking for 'a minute of their time'?

Finally we actually talk to a member of the public who says Bill Hicks had the greatest album of all time...Success!

signs of our time

spawned 200+ moths during the weekend of 10/24-25. despite the rain on Sat, ppl stopped and looked and waited to take pictures, so that was cool. more pics on

Monday, October 26, 2009

*serving suggestion

Power Bike Parade's last ride happened Sat Oct 24...

Power Bike Parade by Semiotech powered through on Sat, despite the buckets of rain! Thanks to everyone that came out to see our last performance of Art in Odd Places!

Big thanks again to Erin, Ed & Radhika for their support, and Brooklyn Bike and Board for their super-generous contribution of bikes!

Check out the Semiotech website to see other work that we've done and upcoming performances that we have!

Photos from Sunday, October 25