Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Free Money Continues on 14th Street

Recent money actions on 14th Street.

$1 where you can get your fortune told.
$1 in frint of a new condo.
$1 by an empty storefront.
$1 under a safety cone.
$1 where there are wildflowers.
$5 where no none will find it.
$1 thown over a fence.
$1 down a manhole cover.
$1 on the highway median.
$1 through an open window.
$1 on the seat of a fancy chair.
$1 rolled in a round hole.
$1 next to something I want to buy.
$10 in with the mail.
$5 on a standpipe.
$1 in a metrocard dispenser.
$5 in a stack of newspapers.
$20 to a musician.
$1 in an elevator.
$10 in a bargain bin.
$10 where you can see the water.
$10 outside the union hall.
$10 with the sweaters.
$1 where the writers hang out.
$1 in the cold remedy aisle.
$5 down a subway grating.
$5 on a farmer's market table.
$10 in a stranger's bag.
$1 with the long stemmed roses.
$10 slid under the "x in "unisex."
$5 at the end of the road.
$1 wedged into a security gate.
$5 where a lucky cat waves.

Art in Odd Places is winding down, but money actions will continue along 14th Street throughout October and beyond.

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And some exciting news!  A Free Money book is coming, documenting the money actions on 14th Street that have been a part of Art in Odd Places.  The book will be released at the Editions/Artists Book Fair Nov 6-8 as part of Vendorbar.  There will also be a Free Money performance Saturday 11/7 at noon (NOTE: updated date/time).

Free Money & Money Actions are projects of Sal Randolph

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